Updates for Orono Schools Coalition for the Arts

The oronoarts.wordpress.com website has been updated with information about the current “Orono Images” photo contest and more!

Meeting dates have been changed to avoid conflict with Orono School Board Meetings (held first Tuesday of month in OHS library this year).  Orono Schools Coalition for the Arts meetings are now being held the 2nd Thursday before the Orono Arts Cafe, at OHS, in Mr. Joseph’s room (across from library door).  There are a couple of exceptions due to holiday and vacations days.  The current meeting dates are Thursday October 3, Tuesday October 29, and Thursday December 5.  Meeting dates can be found under the “About” tab and under “what’s happening today” on the website .  People on the email mailing list or following our website/blog will get emailed reminders of meetings.

There was good response to the Orono Arts Cafe performers at the Orono Festival Day stage.  Thanks to Eric Voelker for arranging this unique way to showcase our event.


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